COMING SOON!! We are re-vamping!

We look forward to sharing our new online store concept with you! 

Art From Scrap's re-vamped online store will feature one-of-a-kind, smaller items that arrive regularly at the wild & wonderful world of Art From Scrap! 

Browse an amazing array of adornment, art, curiosities, and surprises- any time you like!

We will highlight vintage, antique, and collectible pieces, jewelry, and anything else that sparks a "Wow!" 

All items will be available to be seen and purchased at the Art From Scrap Creative Reuse Store located at 302 E. Cota Street. 

You will also have the option to purchase directly online, for in-store pick-up.

Some items may be available for shipping!

Brick & Mortar Store Hours Update:                                                                                                          Wednesday through Saturday 11-4 at 302 E. Cota Street, Santa Barbara, CA